Building a secure and scalable white-label customer education platform

Discover how Opigno LMS transformed the learning experience for thousands of users at a leading pet food producer's platform.

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About the client

The client is the world's leading pet food manufacturer by market share and a part of a global FMCG conglomerate.

The company has a dedicated research department that studies nutrition. Apart from using research results in pet food production, the company made it its duty to share evidence-based nutrition information with pet owners and veterinarians to train them on the health of their animals and weight management. Thus the customer education project was born.

The client's nutrition experts created training courses approved by AAVSB — an association responsible for veterinary continuing education standards in the US. The veterinarians that have completed a course successfully would earn the credit points required to keep their license. And the pet owners would also build trust in the brand.


The challenge

The company's development team used an open-source content management platform Umbraco to store and publish the courses as a make-do. This solution didn't have crucial LMS functionalities, such as learner tracking, reporting, and content authoring, and didn't comply with the company's policy of using Drupal-based software. That meant the solution of choice had to meet several requirements:

  1. As a massive company with thousands of customers, the client needed a scalable and reliable platform with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  2. They needed a white-label solution to custom-brand it to their corporate identity.
  3. The company needed an all-in-one customer-facing e-learning platform to streamline training creation and management, progress assessment, and continuing education certificate issuance to make life easier for administrators and learners.
  4. As a part of a large conglomerate, the client could only use software that complied with strict group policies and passed regular internal and independent security scans to protect the overall system, the intellectual property, and the users' sensitive information.


The client required an LMS capable of being customized to their unique requirements and vision and chose Opigno.

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Our solution

The client integrated Opigno's out-of-the-box solution and used our maintenance services to optimize, upgrade, and make the platform fully compliant with the group policies.

Opigno LMS was a perfect white-label solution for the client for three reasons:


The client chose Opigno LMS as an open-source, Drupal-based platform. The conglomerate the client was a part of leveraged Drupal as a more secure open-source technology for the majority of its subsidiary worldwide. Plus, Opigno LMS was developed by a cybersecurity-oriented team, which the client recognized as an added value.


As a Drupal-based LMS with a modular architecture, Opigno can grow with the user base and withstand an influx of visitors supporting an ever-increasing volume of new registrations and concurrent users which makes it an excellent fit for a customer education platform of a global FMCG manufacturer.


Opigno LMS is an all-in-one e-learning platform. It tracks training progress, builds reports, and generates PDF certificates automatically, and its modern and intuitive interface helps faster adoption. One can create interactive courses with videos, image hotspots, quizzes, etc., with the embedded H5P tool or upload content created with an external tool.

Maintenance services

During a three-month project, the Opigno team migrated the LMS to a new server, made global improvements and optimizations, installed critical upgrades, and fine-tuned the platform to fully comply with the group's unique security policies.

We also customized the interface of the LMS to the corporate identity, which was crucial to associate the platform with the client brand.

To ensure they benefited from all the latest updates and kept their LMS fresh and optimized for many years to follow, the client team also opted for yearly maintenance. On top of software upgrades and bug fixes, the Opigno team also performs static, dynamic, and remediation security scans to ensure the platform passes regular stringent internal and independent security scans.


"Working with the Opigno team is a pleasure. They are always extremely responsive and eager to help with the software implementation."

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free high-value courses



  • The client launched seven free high-value interactive training programs for veterinarians and pet owners.
  • The platform easily accommodates over 30,000 users, and the audience keeps rising.
  • Automated certificate issuance made the platform a popular hub for continuing education.
  • Tracking and reporting help the client analyze engagement and improve courses.
  • Growing a large user base maximized ROI.
  • Opigno's maintenance services improved the system's security and reliability. The plan for the next few years is to develop the LMS further to drive higher engagement.