Our beliefs.
Built on learning.



We believe in transparency, which means being clear about everything we do and say, from project stages to pricing.


Collective power

We believe in the importance of teamwork and collaborative development to help each of our clients succeed in their training projects, needs, and ambitions.


Innovative at a fair price

We are driven by a passion for innovation, but not just for innovation's sake. We release updates and new features that are truly useful for our clients.

Every day, each team member works inspirationally on every project, from the interns to the CEO.

We are a devoted and dedicated team.

In our multi-disciplinary team, everybody shares the same passion for what we do, for rising to challenges, and for exceeding our customers' expectations.

No one has time to sit through boring training, so for more than 14 years we have worked to create an enjoyable, evolving e-learning solution.

With the shared desire to reinvent e-learning solutions since 2008

Innovation is a strong motivation for us. We never stop looking for new ways to make e-learning more efficient and easy to manage.

We see learning as a way to improve the breadth and depth of our knowledge.

Driven by the belief that learning benefits us in both human and economic terms

We are convinced that knowledge makes us better as human beings and more efficient in our job.

Sharing the success of collective work with you

Opigno earned recognition from the Drupal developers community and won the Drupal International Splash Awards for education in 2019. But our true wins are your projects' success.

Opigno Drupal International Splash Awards for education, 2019

And while we are proud of our achievements, we know that only hard work makes them last for the future. We also know that without you, nothing would be possible.

Trusted by governments and leading organizations across the world

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