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360° services

Small to very large projects

Small to largest projects

Our project team

Our project team

Our multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified experts will work in partnership with you, provide effective advice, and implement your tailored digital learning platform based on Opigno. As the creators of Opigno LMS, with over 12 years of experience in digital learning and learning management system development, we will make your goals a success.

Our approach

Our approach is user-centered and consists of designing the most appropriate and efficient learning experience considering your specific company, ambitions, and user personae. We cover all aspects involved in the implementation of your digital learning platform using agile methodologies to offer the highest flexibility and efficiency.

Our approach
Our technology

Our technology

Our multi-disciplinary team is composed of experts with all technologies involved in your project: front-end developments (HTML, CSS, JS), backend development (Drupal developers), API integration, deployment with CI/CD strategies, and security audits.

What we can do for you

Implementation of your graphical identity

Implementation of your graphical identity

We can design and implement a completely custom graphical theme for your Opigno platform, matching your graphical identity and ensuring the highest accessibility standards.

Development of custom features

Development of custom features

Our software engineers can implement any custom feature to ensure perfect adequacy between your Opigno platform and your internal organization and processes. This can be related to multi-tenancy organization, specific course structure, gamification strategy, etc.

Integration with other systems

Integration with other systems

We can integrate your Opigno platform with any other system offering API, for example, your website, your CRM, your HR system, your ERP, etc.

Migration from an existing LMS

Migration from an existing LMS

In case you want to migrate from an existing LMS to Opigno, we can ensure all your contents, users and achievements will be migrated.


Our typical project methodology ensures the highest levels of quality and security and is based on the following iterations:

LMS Design

First sprint session. Our consultants listen to you and your requirements. We define your precise needs and add expertise and expert guidance.

Our designer will create a captivating design wireframe so you can visualize your LMS, interfaces, and features from the start. This is an excellent opportunity for you and your team to add your signature ideas. For added convenience, we manage UX/UI and user journeys.


Your dedicated Project Manager will manage the project and the Opigno LMS Development team. They efficiently build and tailor your new online learning platform to your requirements and design, adding interfaces, features, and any integrations or special requests.

Quality assurance (QA)

We guarantee the highest quality.

Our QA engineers will run several quality checks (unit tests, functional tests, load tests, accessibility tests) to ensure immaculate delivery.


Security is implemented simultaneously.

Our dedicated and highly experienced security engineers carefully examine your LMS to the finest detail. They leverage past experience and learning to maximize protection.


At each sprint, we present the results you and your team can review. Our agile approach lets your team suggest changes we're happy to implement. Once everything is validated, we simply move to the next sprint.


Another successfully completed project and happy client! This is an exciting day when your LMS is deployed to your staging and production environments, where you can go live. We fully support you with this step, help you get set up, and offer some platform training.

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