Audit and Security Conditions

Revision: March 2024


Cybersecurity services can consist in penetration testing (black box, grey box or white box) of your Opigno instance and associated hosting and network. The penetration testing services will be started after a letter of authorization is signed by you, in order to mention the precise scope and the practices that should not be used by our team of pen testers. The service is operated by our team of highly skilled and certified security engineers, according to the best practices and with great care. We cannot though exclude any negative impact of damage on your infrastructure resulting from the services provided, and we exclude any responsibility for such damages as well as their direct and indirect consequences.

A detailed report will be provided to you every time we provide cyber security services. This report will contain recommendations and advices allowing to eliminate or mitigate some risks, and improve your level of security. Except if explicitly agreed, our services don’t include the implementation of the recommendations provided. We cannot under any circumstances be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, you caused consequently to an advice we gave you.