Instructional Design Conditions

Revision: March 2024


Instructional design service includes the development of training modules and courses tailored to your request, video and picture editing, storyboards, copywriting (hereafter mentioned as "Work"). Following the transmission of a description of the desired developments, a quotation will be sent to you. If you accept the quotation, payment must be made in advance, prior to the start of developments. Our Work will be delivered either as SCORM or H5P packages.

After delivery of our Work to you, you will have a period of 2 weeks acceptance period to test and raise all issues. In case the issues are related to the agreed scope, we will fix them within the shortest possible delay. Our work will be considered as approved by you when all issues related to the agreed scope have been fixed. In case you no issue is raised by you during the 2 weeks acceptance period, the Work will be considered as approved.

After approval of our Work, a warranty period of 3 months is offered. During this warranty period, all issues directly related to the agreed scope will be fixed free of charge by us. After expiration of this warranty period, any additional issue raised will be estimated and a commercial offer for fixing this issue will be provided to you.

To the extent possible, all Intellectual Property rights related to the Work done will be transferred to you.