Security service
Vulnerability Assessment of LMS Installation and Web Application
Our security engineers review the installation and configuration of your LMS and provide a cybersecurity threat assessment. Based on OWASP standards.
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Component risk assessment and update status
Our security software engineer will review your LMS to ensure all components are up to date and secure.
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Custom code and external integration vulnerability assessment
Our ethical hackers and security engineers will review and test custom-developed code to identify vulnerabilities and provide an assessment report. We will review all external third-party integrations to see if they may result in hostile access to your LMS. Our assessment is based on the 10 best practices of the OWASP.
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Strategic external penetration testing
Our certified ethical hacker will perform advanced external penetration testing on your infrastructure to identify various weaknesses that hackers could use to exploit your organization. Our experts test your business for any sensitive data that might already be publicly available.
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Web application and API penetration testing
Our ethical hackers and application security engineers test your web applications and APIs to identify security vulnerabilities that exist within a web application and API.
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Reports and information

A comprehensive assessment report detailing the tests performed, hack simulations, penetration testing, vulnerabilities and findings that threaten your organization, along with actionable recommendations.

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