Create communities on Opigno LMS

The communities feature empower you to create thriving groups within your platform. Foster collaboration, facilitate peer learning, and engage learners.

Create community

Create your community

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Get started quickly

Create a community page and choose a name that reflects the topics you want to address. Write a short description and the rules of your community. Add an attractive thumbnail related to your topic. And that's it! Your community is ready to go live.

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Invite other users

Promote your community by sending invitations to other users. Find people among your connections who may be interested in your topic and invite them to start sharing their thoughts in your community.

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Manage the community

You can always change the community name, description, and privacy settings allowing other users to join freely, by request, or by your invitations only. You can also manage the list of community members and start private conversations with them via messenger.

Join other communities

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Find fellow thinkers

Search for a topic of interest in your platform's community list and click on a community appealing to you to learn more about it.

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Join the community

Join public communities instantly or send a request to join restricted ones.



Present yourself and start interacting with your peers. Share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on your shared interests.

Join community

Interact with your peers


Post your ideas

Discuss the topics you enjoy with your community members in a collaborative space via engaging posts in the feed.

Share content

Share content

Link external sources in your post to support your point, share a training course you have appreciated, or show off badges and certificates you have recently received.

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Participate in discussions

Leave comments and likes to other users' messages to share your perspective, dwell on a narrow issue, or show appreciation.

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