Opigno LMS Features

Explore all the out-of-the-box features of Opigno LMS! Cloud or open-source, get powerful tools to build engaging courses, streamline learner management, and create diverse and holistic learning experiences for any use case.


Responsive design

Ensure a smooth user experience with the Opigno interface optimized for devices of all sizes.

Content authoring

Create interactive training content directly in your Opigno platform

Interface personalization

Adapt the platform to your brand colors, logos, and fonts. Customize the vocabulary used on the main elements of Opigno LMS interface to adapt it to your company's culture.

WCAG 2.0 compliance

Opigno follows the web accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative for people with disabilities

Multilingual management

Manage different languages on one platform.

Highest security standards

Certified ethical hackers on our team ensure that Opigno LMS is secure, reliable, and privacy-friendly.

Learning path management

Granular learning path structure

Create complex training structures with layers of courses, modules, and activities.

Reusable training elements

Reuse all the courses, modules, and activities created on the platform in several trainings.

Adaptive learning

Engage learners with branching scenarios and dynamic content that changes based on conditions.

Mandatory and optional modules

Set mandatory modules for completing the training and optional modules for exploring the topic further.

Training category

Define training categories for easy sorting and filtering of the training pieces.

Access to training 

Control the training's visibility (private, semi-private or public) in the catalog and validate a user subscription before opening access. 

Training materials

Upload, organize, and share training materials like PDFs, presentations, and videos for each training.


Award learners badges for completing modules to motivate them and acknowledge their progress.


Generate and issue personalized certificates upon course completion. Set automatic certificate expiration and reminders for users to retake the course.

Required training

Set prerequisites and dependencies for learner paths, ensuring learners acquire foundational knowledge before progressing.

Instructor-led training

Manage all aspects of live, online, or in-person training sessions with instructors, including scheduling, registration, attendance tracking, and materials distribution.

Live meetings

Host real-time video conferencing sessions within the LMS, facilitating interactive learning experiences and discussions.

Training navigation

Use guided navigation so your learner follows the training step by step, or allow the learner to start with the module they want.

Learning content authoring

H5P authoring tool

Using the versatile H5P authoring tool, create interactive learning experiences within the LMS with interactive videos, quizzes, games, and more.

External packages

Upload external training packages in SCORM 1.2 and 2004, xAPI and H5P.


Create learning slides using the rich HTML editor.

File upload

Enable students to submit assignments as file documents.

Long-form answers

Allow students to showcase their knowledge through long-form question answers.


Upload videos in the course directly or embed an external video source.

Training delivery


Centralize all your training in a catalog where learners can search, filter, and sort the training pieces.

Search functionality

Make it easy to find the training your users need by keywords in the title or description.


Schedule all events related to the course your learners are registered for. 

Import, export, duplicate training

Import external courses, export courses made on Opigno, and duplicate training to create its different versions quickly.

User Management

Enroll users individually or in groups in your training. Your learner received a notification that a new training is available.

Pausable/resumable training

Allow learners to start, pause, and resume the training from where they left off whenever and from whatever device they want. 

Social learning

User connections

Enable learners to find other platform users, form personal connections, share knowledge, and interact.

Training forums

Foster learner discussions and collaboration within forum spaces dedicated to the training.

Social feed

Provide learners with a social feed to stay updated on all their connections, publications, learning path updates, and relevant information.

Opigno Achivements sharing

Allow users to share training, certificates or badges.

Media sharing customers only

Allow users to share different media with their connections, such as images, docs, Excel files, PDFs.


Foster grassroots learner community spaces (private or public) that the users can create, manage, and join on their own.

Communities feed

Provide users with a single interface to stay updated on all the communities they follow.


Accelerate the learning process and communication between different learners and instructors with the private messenger.


Keep users informed about the latest updates on the platform and messages via push notifications.

Confidentiality settings

Allow users to control whether their profile is visible to others.


Acknowledge learners' achievements with the list of certificates and badges obtained and training courses completed on the platform.

Personalized dashboard

Allow users to customize their dashboards with blocks that meet their needs as managers, trainers, or learners.

User management

Account creation

Create user accounts individually or import an Excel file to create many accounts simultaneously.

Group management

Assign users to a class to simplify administration.

Role management

Create roles with specific rights and assign them to your users to distribute tasks within your organization.

Skills management

Bind skills with certain activities and modules, and track users' progress with each skill.


Global statistics

Keep up with the global statistics on user behavior and how your Opigno LMS platform is used. Filter statistics you want to track by the period and the category.

Training statistics

Determine whether your training courses are successful and identify the bottlenecks blocking your users' progress so that you can mitigate them as quickly as possible.

User statistics

Track the user's performance across all their in-progress and finished training.

Export statistic

Export statistics via an Excel file for further analysis of your data.


Single sign-on

Ensure effortless user authentication through LDAP (Active Directory), CAS, oAuth 2, and OpenID integration.


Integrate add-ons and payment gateways to sell courses or subscriptions directly within the LMS, creating a revenue stream.

API integrations

Extend and customize the platform however you need with over 50 external tools.

LRS integration

xAPI-compliant reception, storage and access to learning records.

Unlock the full potential of your Opigno platform!

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